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Welcome to Newbold School, where our motto is ‘a great start for a great future’, which is exactly what we provide for our children. During those first formative years, it is so important to start with introducing and embedding good social skills and values as well as sound academics. 


Newbold School is a lovely little Christian primary school, where each of our children are known as individuals. Newbold’s family atmosphere makes it a very special place. Our staff are friendly and nurturing and our children are taught the importance of showing respect to every living creature and to their environment. We value outdoor learning and offer many Forest School activities. We are fortunate to be surrounded by a wealth of woods and gardens, to which we have free access.


At Newbold, we approach our learning through a strong growth mindset. It is the effort that counts rather than a page full of easy gains. Engendering the desire to meet challenges ensures that each child is given the opportunity to be the best they can be and to be proud of each and every achievement because it has been well earned. If something is without challenge, regardless of the child’s ability, it is not enough. At Newbold, effort is key to success in all endeavours of life and we encourage growing confidence through valuing each child’s personal best. We believe that confident children feel more empowered to make good life choices.


If you would like to chat about a place for your child in our school, please contact me on 01344 421088 or email me on headteacher@newboldschool.co.uk.


I hope you enjoy visiting our website. Do feel free to have a look around.


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Mrs J Crissey