British Values at Newbold School


Britain is a democracy; the people of Britain vote for those who make British laws and decide how the country is governed. Democracy is reflected at Newbold School through our School Council, which is comprised of representatives democratically elected from Years 1-6, who help us make decisions that improve our school in a variety of ways.


Individual Liberty:

In Britain we are fortunate to be able to live as we choose and believe as we wish, within the confines of the law and without infringing on anyone else’s rights, of course. This British value is reflected through encouraging our children to think for themselves, to share their opinions/thoughts both in lessons and in small groups, within the boundaries of respecting the liberty of others.



As a Seventh-day Adventist school, our Christian faith encourages us to love our neighbour; people of other faiths with beliefs different to our own are our neighbours. At Newbold School, we show respect for and kindness to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.


Mutual Respect:

We will not always agree with everyone, but we try to show respect for the ideas and feelings of others. Respect Times Five, our behaviour code of conduct, reminds us to respect ourselves, our peers, our staff and parents, people of different cultures, nationalities and faiths and the environment in which we live. We hope that others will show respect for us too.


The Rule of Law:

In Britain, the police force makes sure that people do not break the law. The rule of law protects people and promotes the wellbeing and safety of all citizens, just as our class and school rules, when kept, help us to stay safe at Newbold School. We believe that learning to keep school rules is a precursor to children becoming law-abiding citizens. All Newbold School staff are responsible for ensuring that our children keep these rules.

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