Newbold School Curriculum

We provide a learning environment that engages, challenges and supports our pupils with the aim of developing successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


The Newbold curriculum is designed to provide the education that we believe is right for the pupils in our school and that will equip them to become successful life-long learners. Based on the National

Curriculum, it has been customised to reflect the interests and backgrounds of our pupils, to provide a diverse range of exciting experiences and to support the aims and values of the school.

The curriculum is balanced between core subjects and the wider curriculum and has the dual aims of promoting academic achievement and personal development. It promotes British Values and the

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils. It is organised to support pupils’ growing depth of understanding.

Teachers plan a variety of topics to engage and inspire the children and to ensure the learning is meaningful and has a purpose. Subject teaching is organised to support pupils’ growing depth of understanding and, where appropriate, to create links between different areas of learning. Enquiry-based activities and opportunities for developing reasoning skills are planned into all areas of learning.


Curriculum Drivers help to shape the content and delivery of the curriculum:


• Spirituality

• Respect

• Local and Global citizens

• Developing Learning Behaviours

We use Growth Mindset theory and practice to support the development of The Newbold Learner, who:

 Has an enquiring mind and uses reasoning skills effectively;

 Is motivated to learn and seeks challenges;

 Is resilient when things get difficult and learns from mistakes;

 Works independently or collaboratively as appropriate;

 Reflects on learning and identifies next steps in their learning journeys.

Curriculum Maps (pdf)

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