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9th May 2014

Unfortunately some of the froglets died this week. I thought it would be best to release the remaining ones as soon as possible before they died too.I was assured by an expert that this is quite normal otherwise we would be overrun with frogs. Apparently, you are lucky if 1 survives!So this morning we released 4 surviving froglets into their natural habitation. It was a lovely sight to watch and hear them plop into the pond. One of them sailed away on a floating plant stalk and then was brave enough to jump in. Goodbye dear froglets - we have enjoyed watching you grow in our classroom.What a blessing to be able to watch these little creatures develop.

23th April 2014


At the end of last term we kick started our Plant project and made some Mr.Grass Heads – they looked great F2!






This term we will continue to observe changes and patterns in our classroom and our environment. Some of our tadpoles have already developed their back legs!







We have already started growing flowers and plants for our Early Years Outside area. It is going to look very colourful for Summer. We are also going to plant potatoes with Mrs. Brown and we have 5 baby caterpillars joining our classroom menagerie!


We will let you know when we release our animals into the wild – all parents and carers are welcome to come along and share it with us. We look forward to an interesting last term in F2, we will keep you posted.....


        Best Wishes from Mrs. Dye & Mrs. Bay 

6th May 2014


I have just taken a couple of photos of our froglets in F2. Unfortunately they have not all survived but I am told, by an expert, that this is very common.

Sorry, the photo is not very clear but you can just see 2 tiny froglets perched on the rocks in the middle of the photo and another tadpole in the background. We will be releasing them into their natural habitat this week.

The Painted Lady Caterpillars have already changed into their chrysalis form and will be hatching very soon. Once the chrysalis darkens in colour, then you know it won't be long - I would think by the end of this week. We can study them in the classroom for about 3 days then they have to be released into the wild. They only live for 2 weeks!


Please stay and have a look at school. More photo updates to follow...


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