Even though we are a small school, we can have a big impact around us!

We live in a wonderful world and it is our duty (and pleasure!) to look after it.

At Newbold School we are taking action to live as environmentally friendly as possible by changing little things every day. Environmentally conscious children make environmentally conscious adults who will run the world!

Sanctuary Barn Bottle Top Donation

Thank you to all of you who are tirelessly saving all the bottle tops you can find in your own homes or laying about on the floor, to bring them to school. As you know, we are collecting them and, when we have a few bottles full of them, we take them to the Sanctuary Barn in Binfield/Bracknell. Once they have a good amount, they take them to a recycling plant where they get money for them. This money is then donated to the Air Ambulance. Such an easy way to make a difference in our community!

Our Bake Sales Are Now Single Use Plastic FREE!

Super WELL DONE to our incredible PTFA for this initiative which makes all of our Bake Sales / Friday Feasts single use plastic FREE!
We have invested in stainless-steel cutlery and crockery to make sure we can reuse them for years to come, as they are lightweight but very sturdy and practically unbreakable!

The amount of resources needed to generate the single use plastic that so many people use for about 10 minutes and then dispose of, without thinking of the huge environmental impact this has, is something absolutely horrific! The world simply cannot afford it, even if we think we can because it is cheaper or more convenient. Plastic can sometimes be recycled but it NEVER disappears!

We are so proud of everybody at the school for taking on this initiative.

School Trip to Swinley Forest and the LookOut

Lookout school trip sep 2018.jpg

We had a wonderful trip to The Look Out and Swinley Forest. The weather was incredibly pleasant and we were having so much fun and learning so much when... we started noticing littler everywhere! Plastic bottles, wrappers, disposable coffee cups and lids... Oh no!
Some of the children had a great idea: Let's find a bag and pick up the rubbish we find along the way so we can leave the forest in a better condition than we found it!
And so we did.

Learning About Nature!

Pumpkin Turnip Hunt F1 F2 Newbold School
Pumpkin Turnip Hunt F1 F2 Newbold School
Pumpkin Turnip Hunt F1 F2 Newbold School
Pumpkin Turnip Hunt F1 F2 Newbold School

By getting to know the world around us, we learn to appreciate it, love it and look after it.
Let's never forget we only have ONE world and we need to treasure it and be kind and respectful to it.
Education is the key!