Dear Mrs. Jennings and all the teachers in F1, 

We would just like to say a big thank you for all your hard work with A***** since she started at nursery. Her communication has improved so much. She is able to sound some of the alphabet that she is learning there, such as A for ant, T for tiger and D for duck. We are so proud of her, and very impressed with the work of all the teachers in her class.

Thank you all. Love, mum and dad

Dear Mrs. Jennings , Miss Cliff and all the teachers in F1,

I am writing to you once more thank you all for your hard work. The class is such an amazing place to learn and the activities that you provide to the children are always full of fun and excitement, turning play into  a smooth step to learning. This evening I had the pleasure to watch A***** read her first words: dog, cat, car and others. I was so happy and proud of her. I know she will have to do it one day, but I  am so aware that she is very young, and this achievement is a reflection of your intense effort to provide the best eduction to the children. Teachers like you make Newbold School to stand out among the others. Thank you very much for all the love, care and for the wonderful time that A***** has every time  that she goes to school. The 3 hours driving, getting stuck in traffic every day, feeling exhausted every evening was worth it. I could not be happier, but above all, my daughter. 

Your sincerely , RN (mum) and WE (dad).

My middle son came to Newbold School when he was in Year 4.  Academically he was doing O.K at his old school but he was desperately unhappy and we knew something had to change.  From day one at Newbold everything did change, I just couldn’t believe it.  He was happy, confident and keen to learn.  He loved going to school and the difference in him was just amazing.  He went on to do so well until he left at the end of year 6 and I knew we had given him the foundations to go on and be successful in secondary school.  My youngest son started in F2 and is now in Year 5.  He has received just the kind of strong, nurturing support that we wanted.  Despite the challenges he has I believe he has been pushed to achieve the best he can.  All I have ever wanted for my boys is for them to be happy, well cared for and doing the best they can.  Newbold School provides everything we need to achieve these aims and we will be forever thankful that we chose to send our children there.

This school is more than a school. It is a warm and loving community that encourages the best in our children, giving them a confidence in themselves and sense of worth as members of society. The teachers and staff give their all and this is clearly evident in the teaching and extra activities they are involved in. Newbold School is a fantastic school that we highly recommend!

EB (mum) and SB (dad).

Newbold School has provided H*** with a solid foundation in various areas – academically, morally and spiritually.  The support that she has received over the 8 years she was at Newbold School from the various teachers and her friends has left a long-lasting impression on her and has helped her along her growing up path in making her the mature and confident girl she is today. Thank you! MB (mum).

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