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April 25 2014


Years 5&6 had a fantastic trip to The British Museum.







Firstly, we looked round the Mesoamerican gallery and saw many of the artifacts we had seen in pictures or on the Internet but it was nothing like seeing the REAL THING! We saw masks, statues and carvings made in the time of the Aztecs.


We then went into the education centre where we learned how to be archaeological investigators!

Each team had a laptop with a microscope attached. Half the team were investigators and the other half were recorders of our findings - it was great fun! Our task was to closely observe each item in our box of artifacts using the microscope then make deductions about our findings. Each team produced an information poster showing what we had found out. You can see Team Mexica's poster and presentation by clicking the link below.


Team Mexica:









We were really please with the results and had a great day.


        Mrs G. Hudson 


Monday 6th Jan 2014


GOSH! What a Lot of Money!
Newbold School, Raises Money again for Great Ormond St Hospital
WOW! We had another successful Christmas sale in aid of this wonderful children’s hospital. Each child chose, planned, advertised and manned their own stall and had great fun.
 There were many stalls including Gone Fishing, Grabber, Guess the name of the football team, Where has Teddy Been? and many more. Last year over £500 was raised and we didn’t think that could be bettered but with the support of children, parents and friends from the community, a staggering £906.02. This is a remarkable amount from a small school!

Fund Raising for GOSH
Fund Raising for GOSH
Newbold School Christmas Play 2013

The Shoemaker’s Gift
We were delighted that the evening performance of the play was so well received. We had lots of congratulations and positive feedback from parents and friends who came along. Congratulations to all who were in the play and a special mention should go to Josh and Tim who had a such a lot of words to learn!
















Every performer really got into their character and this made a huge difference. The superb costumes also helped to make the play so special. Mrs Ohman was our wonderful ‘wardrobe mistress’ who did a fine job finding suitable items and making new ones  to make the play really authentic.


        Mrs G. Hudson 

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